Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday run

4-1/2 miles this morning! Working my way up to 5 on Saturday for another team training. But no more cotton shirts, no matter how cute and stylish and free they are from some fancy Madison clothing store they are. Nope, word of the day for today is "wicking" - moisture wicking to be precise.

So today was an interesting run, saw two other women out walking and a guy walking his lab puppy. Strangely, I do not often see too many people out on the roads - though they do seem to like the local walking trail. I'm also starting to see my regulars: a lady who walks out to get her paper at about 6:45am (she likes to tell me I have "a lot of energy for so early in the morning"), and a woman and her cat drinking coffee on their porch.

I need to find something interesting to tell y'all or I'll never make any money. In the meantime, I'm off to stretch the hamstrings...



Anonymous said...

Good for you you must feel pretty good after all of this running. I watched a movie called the Ultimate gift last night and it really reminded me of Sean so much so that I loged on to his caring bridge site and made a contibution to your run. Good luck!

Shane Conaty

Anonymous said...

Hey Deirdre!

Congratulations on committing yourself to this cause!

I wanted to reiterate how important the "NO COTTON" rule is! I bought a very stylish and cute wicking shirt at That material really does make a HUGE difference - so make sure to get some sports bras, wicking shorts, and socks as well! Marathon Sports at 50th & Penn in Mpls is a GREAT place to get info and support from really friendly, knowledgable people. And the prices were reasonable!

Happy Running! With much love,
Becky Bengtson