Sunday, September 23, 2007

Five Miles!

How lame is it that I'm weirdly proud of my 11:29 average over 5 miles? Pretty lame. I mean, at that pace I would finish the marathon in about 5 hours, which seems like a very long time to be running, more than 1/5 of a day! Then I think back to my waitressing days, and I have hope. I can stay on my feet for 5 hours, oh yeah. Anyway, back to my excitement over this time. I came in first yesterday of the team members! Hooray for me. Some may think its a shallow victory due to the fact that one of them left early with shin splints and the other appears to have injured her ankle and there were only three people there anyway, but... hey, I'll take what I can get. :)

Okay, I'm kidding. A little.

Next week I get to run in Minnesota! I had thought that I might run around the lakes, but Kathleen is having some kind of charity race for Target and she has asked me to come and do the 5k with her. Weird thing is, though, that I need to run 7 miles. Somehow I will find a way to get the extra mileage in, perhaps by preceding things with a four mile run. Or something.

An easy 2 mile run tomorrow. It will probably feel like I'm cheating!

Ciao for now...

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